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The Greater Boston area is home to a comprehensive law firm that provides legal counsel in several areas of practice. At LaRosa/Toland, we handle cases involving personal injury, workers compensation, family law and probate/estate law. Our approach is practical and results-oriented. We are also a cost-effective legal solution for Massachusetts residents looking for justice.

When you choose LaRosa/Toland, you can be assured of having experienced, honest and dedicated attorneys working on your behalf. Our attorneys have over 30 years of courtroom experience covering the following practice areas:

  • Personal Injury: Any time you suffer an injury resulting from the negligence of another person or entity, you are entitled to compensation under the law. Personal injury law covers a wide range of areas such as auto accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, premises liability and much more. A personal injury is not only a painful experience, but it can also lead to time out of work resulting in lost wages. High medical bills can also put a tremendous strain on families. You can ease your pain and suffering by trusting your personal injury claim to the professionals at LaRosa/Toland. We can walk you through each step of the process and help you secure the compensation you deserve. Learn More.
  • Workers Compensation: State laws provide for workers to receive payment for certain types of injuries on the job. Insurers are bound by Massachusetts law to compensate employees when they have suffered a covered injury at work. In many instances, however, insurers will not tell you about all of your rights. It takes the help of a Massachusetts workers compensation attorney to receive all the payments you should get. Injured workers have enough stress and should not have to worry about how they will provide for themselves and their families when they are out of work. Some cases involving workers compensation in Massachusetts wind up having to go through a lot of back and forth between the attorney and the insurer. At LaRosa/Toland Law Offices, our experienced workers compensation attorney can take you through the entire process to ensure that you receive everything you are due. Learn More.
  • Divorce/Family Law: Most family law cases involve sensitive issues that need to be resolved. At LaRosa/Toland, we understand what you are going through and we take the time and care to work with you on every part of what can be a very difficult process. Divorces can turn ugly in a hurry, and this is why you need to have an advocate in your corner who is compassionate and fights for your interests. Our divorce attorney can help you through each area; including child support, visitation rights, alimony and much more. Our family law services also extend to child custody cases, which is another area that can be very difficult for families. Learn More.
  • Probate/Estate: Probate is the process through which a deceased person’s assets are legally transferred to the heirs. The Probate Court enforces the last will and testament of the deceased. Dealing with probate is something many families do not look forward to in their time of grieving. The death of a loved one brings forth enough suffering and heartache. At LaRosa/Toland Law Offices, we’ll give you one less thing to worry about by providing a Massachusetts probate attorney to deal with all the complex estate and probate litigation issues and carry out your loved one’s final wishes. Learn More.

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Peter Toland and Lillian LaRosa both have over three decades of experience practicing in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. We are skilled, compassionate, and client-focused – working hard to provide a successful solution for each client we serve. If you or someone you know has a personal injury, workers compensation, probate/estate, or family legal issue, you cannot afford to be without strong legal counsel.

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