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What is a “180 Day Extension” form?

What is a “180 Day Extension” Form? I’ve probably received more calls from people on worker’s compensation about this one form than on any other question. Remember one thing about this form: you are NOT required to sign it, and signing the form does NOT guarantee the insurer will keep paying you for another 180 […]

How does Worker’s Comp Work?

How Does Worker’s Comp. Work ?The Employee’s Perspective I’ve been representing injured workers at the Department of Industrial Accidents since 1982. I’ve come to appreciate this as the most satisfying work I do, because I can help people get benefits to pay their rent or mortgage and get the medical treatments they need. The worker’s […]

Worker’s Compensation. Denied? – That’s Not The Last Word

Worker’s Compensation law is complex, and you may actually have the legal right to compensation when an insurer doesn’t agree to pay you benefits. Each situation is different, and you should always seek legal advice whenever an insurer refuses to pay worker’s compensation benefits. Sometimes, your legal rights depend on whether the insurer has “denied” […]

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