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About Lillian J. LaRosa

Attorney Lillian J. LaRosa is a Woburn MA probate/estate divorce, and family law litigation attorney representing clients in the greater Boston area since 1982.

Lillian earned a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA before going on to law school and earning a J.D. from American University College of Law in Washington, D.C. After being admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1982, she began as a general practitioner focusing primarily on domestic relations, real estate and civil litigation. Before long, she decided to specialize in probate/estate and family law.

Lillian brings her in-depth experience and expertise to provide strong legal representation for clients needing to resolve family legal issues and disputes. Understanding that each family has their own unique dynamic, she works hard to provide a customized solution tailored around the individual needs of each client she serves. Lillian has served many times as a guardian ad litem in family law and probate, estate and trust matters. She also serves as Conciliator for the Middlesex County Bar Association’s Probate Court Conciliation Program. Click here to learn more.

About Peter T. Toland

Attorney Peter T. Toland is a highly skilled Woburn MA personal injury attorney with over three decades of experience helping injured clients in the greater Boston area.

Peter obtained his J.D. from American University College of Law in 1981 before going into practice in Massachusetts in 1982. During his 30+ years practicing in this state, he has represented hundreds of clients for auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death in the District Courts, Superior Courts, and for work related injuries at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.

Peter has a strong track record of taking on the big insurance companies and securing successful outcomes for his clients in these cases. He has in-depth knowledge of the tactics used by the insurers to limit their liability in personal injury claims and worker’s compensation claims, and a strong understanding of what it takes to prevail against them. Peter offers free consultations and charges no hourly fees in personal injury, vehicle accidents and workers compensation cases, only taking a fee when his clients get paid. Click here to learn more.

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